Japanese Association of Certified Child Life Specialists (JACCLS)

About Us

The Japanese Association of Certified Child Life Specialists (JACCLS) is a professional association for Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) in Japan.

The JACCLS was founded in 2011 to maintain our professional level as Child Life Specialists and advance our professional knowledge and technique, provide peer support, and do research, in order to continue to provide better psychosocial support for children and their families in Japanese hospitals. We will provide high-quality child life services in health-care settings while maintaining the standard of child life practice in Japan at a level equivalent to that in North America, based on the principles of the Association of Child Life Professionals.

Our Purpose

JACCLS will support CCLS:

In providing high-quality psychosocial care for children and their families
In spreading awareness of CCLS and being viewed as essential to quality health care   as well as ensuring an accurate understanding of the profession by society as a whole
In establishing the role of CCLS as healthcare professionals by embracing and adopting Japanese society and culture
In collaborating with other professionals and associations involved in areas including healthcare, social services, education, and counseling, in order to provide better environments and psychosocial care for children and their families

JACCLS Activities

Continuing Education


・Case Studies

・Journal Club (a group engaged in the review, examination, analysis, and discussion of peer-reviewed research papers and journal articles in the academic literature)

・Leadership and Supervision Training

Peer Support

・Presentation training, peer review

・CCLS self-care support

・Online forum for exchanging information among members

・Job Bank

・Training for newcomers

・Support for study abroad

Research Activities

・Research and surveys

・Assessing the situations of CCLS in Japan

・Presentations at related conferences

・Providing information to the public via presentations and publications

International Activities

・Exchanging information with the Association of Child Life Professionals and its committees, and participation in the Annual Conference and other meetings

・Translation of documents and research papers regarding Child Life Specialists

・Collaboration with the Association of Child Life Professionals

Website Administration

・Provide accurate information about Child Life Specialists

・Announcements and event information (seminars, study groups, etc.)

 Executive Board Members

President:  Megumi Ohashi

Vice-President: Hiroko Yonemichi

Treasurer: Keiko Abe

Executive Officer:  Kana Harada

Executive Officer : Kazuyo Skuta

Executive Officer:Mai Ito

Auditor: Ai Zekobia

Auditor: Yuki Takahashi